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We Clean, Polish, and Seal All Types of Stone Flooring

Marble, Travertine, Flagstone, Terrazzo, and Mosaico (Concrete Tile)

We use the only the very best equipment, techniques and supplies to clean, hone, polish, grind, and seal your natural stone. We resolve problems such as lippage (unevenly set tiles), etching (whitish marks caused by an acidic substance that damaged the surface), stain removal, and other problems. We can also fill cracked grout lines.

Stone and Mosaico floors should be polished regularly to maintain the shine and to keep them easy to clean. ( This means every 5 to 10 years.) Most dirt and stains won't stick to a properly polished floor. We can take old dull floors that always look dirty and turn them into shiny floors that always look clean. No wax and no sealers are used.

We use different polishing grits according to the needs of the floor and once we determine the starting grit we use each successive grit. Most floors that have never been poilished in over 20 years will need at least 4 levels of diamond grit pads. We also do grout repair.


Here is a chart from Angelo's in Philadelphia (Make note of his price. I charge 20 cents for each step) 

400 grit will remove minor scratches
800 grit removes finer scratches
1500 grit starts to bring a shine
3000 grit gives a mirror like shine
11,000 grit gives it a wet look
Each step costs $1.00 a sq. ft.




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Terrazzo in Country Club

Marble Before

Marble Before


Bedroom on the Caracol





Mosaico Before

Prepping a Patio

Mosaico Bedroom


Flagstone With Bad Sealer


Concrete Tile Floors at Condos Pilar


Very Worn Terrazzo Before


Mosaico (Concrete) Stained by Dyes from Oriental Rug

After a Flood


Detail of White Mosaico Before


Mosaico After

Patio Done

Mosaico Floor at Tecali


Flagstone After Stripping and Resealing


Concrete Tile Floors at Condos Pilar


Terrazzo After


Stains Were Ground Out and Floor Repolished



Detail of White Mosaico After


  Donald Gray 
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Villa Hermosa
San Carlos, Guaymas, Mexico